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Tzahi Sultan

Founding Partner

Tzahi Sultan is one of the most prominent figures in the Israeli capital market.

Tzahi serves as Chairman of Discount Capital Underwriting following its merger in 2016 with Clal Finance Underwriting, the leading underwriting firm he founded more than 20 years ago, drawing on more than 25 years of underwriting experience. Under Tzahi’s leadership, Clal Finance Underwriting executed hundreds of public and private offerings, including some of the highest-profile IPOs and privatization processes in the Israeli capital market.

Tzahi is the owner and a director at Modiin Energy, a public oil and gas R&D partnership traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Prior to founding and leading Clal Finance Underwriting, Tzahi served in several senior roles, including as Managing Director at HSBC, Chief Executive Officer of Gmul Sahar Underwriters, and Head of the Underwriting Division at Poalim Capital Markets.

Tzahi holds a BA in Economics and an MBA, both are from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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